CWB Franchise Finance provides acquisition financing to Dream Hospitality Group for the acquisition of Houston Avenue Bar & Grill and Industria Pizzeria + Bar

CWB Franchise Finance has provided a loan facility to Dream Hospitality Group Inc. to acquire all outstanding shares in Houston Avenue Bar & Grill and Industria Pizzeria + Bar from MTY Food Group. With the principal’s combined 36 years of experience in the beverage and food industry, Dream Hospitality’s new partnership with CWB facilitates their ambition to acquire and consolidate restaurant brands that compliment their expansion objectives. 

“A strong and enduring relationship with Dream Hospitality led us to the moment that we could enable a valuable new growth opportunity for their business,” says Dimitri Mazur, Sr. Manager, Restaurants, CWB Franchise Finance. “We know that more business owners are looking to emerge from the pandemic with momentum, and with 20-plus years of experience in the restaurant industry, we’re here to provide the competitive terms and proactive solutions that continue to foster successful partnerships.” 

“This is an exciting expansion opportunity for Dream Hospitality,” says Raimondo Messina, CFO and President of Dream Hospitality. “CWB has proven to be a committed partner in our business and we appreciate their expertise and connections throughout Canada’s restaurant industry. We look forward to strengthening this already beneficial relationship as we continue to grow.”

For further information: 
Marcus Miller, Manager, External Communications, CWB
[email protected]